Howling at the Moon

written by Katie Sill

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On December 15, the Hangzhou Writer’s Association Intl (that’s us, by the way) launched its first ever poetry anthology! Here’s a little background information, in case you were wondering:

In August, the HZWA Intl editorial team issued a poem-a-day challenge to the members. To participate, members were required to write a new poem a day for 30 days straight. Anyone who completed the challenge would receive a congratulatory prize. Only eight of our writers were able to complete the challenge successfully: Elena Claydon, Hasina Rajaonarivelo, Kyle W. Porter, Brine “Taz” Mukombachoto, Unica Suanque, Hannah Lund, Tich Sagonda, and Jude Ajaegbu. Click the links to see the writers’ work online! We (the editors) then asked them to choose their five favorite poems from the challenge to include in an anthology. Thus “Howling at the Moon” was born!

This was the very first time we at the HZWA Intl had ever attempted publication. Together, Hannah, Je-nae, and I worked hard putting everything together. Finally, after months of preparation, we were ready to release our first zine!

The night of the launch was full of excitement and everyone was so happy to see the finished product. All of the contributors received a free copy – of course – as their prize for finishing the challenge. To further honor their achievement, we dedicated the evening’s main event to the writers. It was so wonderful to hear the poets read their poems aloud. Everyone was able to enjoy the poems together, and, really, that’s what we’re all about.

Physical copies went on sale (in limited quantities) through our wechat group as well as at the event, itself. If you’re interested in reading what our writers produced, don’t worry! The ebook is available on! You can buy it here.

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With the success of this writing project, we are already looking forward to our next publication. If you’re interested in learning more, follow us on wordpress or wechat to get the most updated information. As always, you can submit your work to be featured on this website to our editorial team at: Monthly submission deadlines are the 25th of each month. For more information, check out our home page.

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